Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is a qualitative way to detect weaknesses in the system of your network, web application, client software, and more. Identify the security issues within your code by simply implementing penetration testing 2 times a year.

Penetration Testing

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing is a sanctioned simulation of a cyberattack by cybersecurity experts. The main goal for them is to identify bugs that could serve as a breach of the system. Responsible business owners who desire to save resources and time provide penetration testing to verify the security and sustainability of the company system.


How can Penetration Testing help your business?

Preventing an attack

Knowing your weaknesses means knowing exactly what you should improve on. As you fix them, you eliminate the chances of an attack.


Reduce spendings

Having an in-house security specialist is usually much more expensive than cooperating with third-party experts. Small businesses don’t need to put their systems to the test more than twice a year.  

Invest in a reliable brand image

Companies that regularly use cybersecurity audit services and improve their defense demonstrate to customers their care and responsibility. This builds the reputation of a trustworthy company.



Our customers can choose which type of penetration testing to perform: Web Application Penetration Test, Network Services Penetration Test, Client-Side Penetration Test, etc. But for maximum assurance of data integrity, we recommend conducting each of them.

Our experts will focus on researching vulnerabilities and gaps in any corporate system to ensure your sustainability.    



Check your website for security, configuration issues

and vulnerabilities in the web application

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