Our Focus is on Your Security
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Our Focus is on Your Security

Why choose ByteSnipers?

ByteSnipers is a cybersecurity company with a variety of services, focused on lowering the risks of running your online business. Our team is both versatile and agile to quickly determine all possible threats and eliminate them.

ByteSnipers strives for perfection, meeting deadlines, creating quality web and software products, and providing care towards your digital product at any stage. While cooperating with our clients, we strive to provide both maximum quality and security.


Both professional and versatile

Security Services

The key point of ByteSnipers’ security services is its unmatched versatility. We prevent, fight, and even look for those who are responsible for cyberattacks. Penetration testing will test your system for bugs with a manual security scan, Social Engineering will test your team, while Computer Forensics will take care of bringing the cybercriminals to the court. And there’s more! ByteSnipers is working to arm your business with all the cybersecurity services that you will ever need.

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Vulnerability Scanning

Red Teaming

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Social Engineering

Computer Forensics

Software Development Services

ByteSnipers has branched into secure development by making professional, advanced websites, applications, and software that is secure from the get-go. Release a professionally developed product that is also secured by the code of developers with experience in cybersecurity.


ByteSnipers never stands still. We always aim to spread our knowledge and experience to professionals and teams in other industries. We provide security awareness training, webinars, and workshops. Follow our blog updates or ByteSnipers on social networks to learn more about digital security.

Make your first step towards a secure digital presence for FREE

ByteSnipers can’t stand vulnerable websites. So we decided to scan them for free! Knowledge is one of the best practices to protect yourself from malicious threats. Don't miss your chance to get a quick security check and determine the key vulnerabilities of your website.

After conducting a website scan we will contact you and instruct you on what could prevent the potential data breaches or even the loss of administrative control.


Get Your Free Website Scan
Make your first step towards a secure digital presence for FREE

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About Us

ByteSnipers is a young, ambitious, and progressive group of white-hat hackers and developers that strives to push the boundaries of online security by helping different companies and their products to achieve both safety and quality.

We approach cybersecurity from all possible angles, delivering you a strong defense against malicious hackers.

Our Founder

Alexander Subbotin

Alex graduated from one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Germany. He obtained unique experience in the field of cybersecurity and IT. 

Being head of the company, Alex is fully dedicated to enhancing the quality of cybersecurity. With his expertise in computer and network security, he is able to bring penetration testing to the next level and make ByteSnipers the market leader.


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