Social Engineering

According to Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, 44% of cyber crimes are caused by human errors. A Social Engineering service is the key to building an awareness company policy that will eliminate the risk of becoming a part of the 44%

Social Engineering

What is Social Engineering?

Social engineering is the process of examining and analyzing people's behavior and reaction to the threatening factors that affect it. The Social Engineering Service is a test for your employees' awareness of cybersecurity. It will showcase the true reliability of your staff regarding the safety of your data. 


How can Social Engineering help your business?

Discover the level of your employees' cybersecurity awareness   

You will learn how well your employees understand cybersecurity, company security policy, and the dangers of corporate data breaches.


Put your employees to the stress-endurance test

Through this kind of testing, you will check how tolerant your employees are to extremely stressful and pressured situations. It also shows who is likely to share sensitive information and who needs deeper cybersecurity training.


Analyze the results 

At the end of the social engineering testing, you will get documented feedback on the reactional behaviour of your employees, what they spilled, and what security and confidentiality issues you should discuss with them.



The working process of social engineering is as follows: our experts try to obtain the necessary confidential information directly from your employees on various pretexts and in a number of ways. Of course, during the entire procedure, your employees don't know they're being vetted.

Usually, the inspection includes cybersecurity experts calling and texting your employees. This is usually done by imposing them on their coworkers or friends of the boss. 



Check your website for security, configuration issues

and vulnerabilities in the web application

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