Red Teaming

Red Teaming is one of the key cybersecurity services used to test the speed and quality of your organization's response to cybercrime. Over the years, it has deeply integrated into the global corporate security culture. For instance, it is a well-known fact that Microsoft and many other companies conduct this test regularly.

Red Teaming

What is Red Teaming?

Red Teaming is the process of finding various ways to further penetrate your system. It is provided by a team of cybersecurity specialists - ethical hackers.

This service is split into two sides: the attackers (the red team of hackers) and the defenders. The main task of the red team is to assess the speed and efficiency of the company's response to an attack. The organization or company has to identify and eliminate the hackers and close the breach as quickly as possible. 




How can Red Teaming help your business?

Upgrade the security skills of your team

Red Team exercises give you an insight into how your team would behave under a significant level of stress, as well as train them to find ways out of such situations. 


Put your security department to the test  

Red Team penetration testing is a great chance to test the quality of your security department.


Constructive Report

After a red teaming session, you get feedback in the form of a report. It will feature information about how your team handled the attack, how quickly the error was resolved (if it was resolved), and whether the data was saved. You will also learn the exact way the hackers got into your system and which way your security protocol should be improved. 



Red team hacking will identify vulnerabilities and risks related to technology (networks, databases, applications, etc.), people (personnel, contractors, business partners, etc.), and physical facilities (offices, warehouses, data centers, etc.).

Red teams consist of participants of varying experiences and backgrounds. The involved white hat hackers think outside the box. That’s why the usual rules of engagement don’t apply, and staff needs to think and react better. 



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