IoT Penetration Testing

The growing number of wireless devices leads to the increased possibility of bad actors sneaking into the system through alternative wireless paths. It’s important for companies to perform penetration tests.

IoT Penetration Testing

What is IoT Penetration Testing?

IoT Penetration Testing is simulated by cybersecurity experts attacking your network through wireless devices. The primary focus is to identify vulnerabilities and gaps in wireless devices that can give hackers access to your system.

By the end of the procedure, you will get a detailed report on the level of your wireless device’s security, along with a technical summary of the bugs, gaps, and vulnerabilities that were found. 


How can IoT Penetration Testing help your business?

Give another layer of protection to your private data

By assessing all the devices in your network, experts find the mistakes and vulnerabilities that can lead to data breaches. By locating and fixing them, you significantly increase your chances of avoiding hacker attacks and data leaks.

Protect against unauthorized access

IoT devices are deeply integrated into our daily life and work environment, and there are a thousand and one ways to access your system by just using the items connected to your network.



During the IoT Penetration Testing, ByteSnipers specialists look for vulnerabilities in all kinds of wireless devices, including items like tablets, laptops, notebooks, smartphones, watches, cameras, etc.

Our experts focus on researching existing vulnerabilities and gaps in wireless devices to secure your corporate network from menacing hackers.    



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